Photography by Erica Snyder

June Miller has dreamt of stardom ever since her humble beginnings in an RV off Highway 41. When her Papa’s windfall from church bingo unexpectedly paves the way for June to audition for a dream role in New York City, her wildest dreams finally feel within reach. PROSPERITY! chases a daddy-daughter duo on a cross-country road trip as they navigate a decoupage landscape of unraveling opportunity. This Brechtian drag epic throws us head first into the fugue state of our American dreams.

Created by Sam Max and Jake Sellers

Written by Sam Max

Development History (currently unproduced)

LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s Rough Draft Festival, 2019 (work-in-progress showing)

Rough Draft work-in-progress directed by Miranda Haymon, produced by Lucy Powis, designed by Rose Beth Johnson-Brown, and featured music by Avery Leigh Draut