Photography by Maria Baranova

In an abandoned tree house, a limp-wristed boy hides during the annual neighborhood game of hide-and-seek. While he waits for a gang of metal-mouthed peers to find him, Sam’s newfound solitude spurs songs about nihilistic desire, and fuzzy hallucinations of his sexual future. Twin Size Beds is a concert-play that fuses deadpan stand-up with a hormone-fueled musical blitz. Grab a juice box. You might be stuck in that splintered hiding place forever.

Performance History

JOE’S PUB @ The Public Theater (upcoming - November 2019)

UNDER THE RADAR FESTIVAL @ The Public Theater (January 2019)

MISSED CONNECTIONS @ The Museum of Sex: Work in Progress Showing (April 2018)

FORKLIFT SERIES @ Loading Dock Theater: Concert and Reading (April 2018)

DESSERT @ Next Door at New York Theatre Workshop: Work in Progress Showing (March 2018)

Features / Screenings

HISS MAG Issue No. 3, “Video Art and Performance” Cleveland OH (October 2018)


Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, 2018

Written and Performed by Sam Max

Directed by Caitlin O'Connell

Music by Sam Max and Avery Leigh Draut

Music Direction by Avery Leigh Draut

Set Design by Sam Max and Krista Smith

Lighting Design by Krista Smith

Costume Design by Ivy Karlsgodt

Sound Design by Michael Costagliola

Projection Design by Baxter Pitt