2.15.2019 Sam will design Brief Chronicle Books 6-8 by Alex Borinsky at Access Theater this Spring.

2.14.2019 Sam will perform in a val day Gesamtkunstwerk by Rady&Bloom. Come join for the sake of those bemused by love (me).

2.9.2019 Sam will design Machinal by Sophie Treadwell at Lee Strasberg Institute this Spring.

1.6.2019-1.11.2019 Twin Size Beds debuts at Under the Radar Festival.

12.17.2018 Sam signs with Jody Hotchkiss at Hotchkiss Daily & Associates.

12.12.2018 Sam speaks on a panel about Devised Theatre at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, moderated by Andrew Kircher (The Public)

12.8.2018 Sam’s concert-play Twin Size Beds receives a December 2018 Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

12.5.2018 Sam is added to Hollywood’s “Young and Hungry” list, tracking the “Top 100 New Writers in Hollywood.” Rehearsals begin for Twin Size Beds at Under the Radar this January.

12.1.2018 Sam’s new play, “PROSPERITY!” will receive a workshop in the Rough Draft Festival at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center this Spring.

10.15.2018 Twin Size Beds is headed to Under the Radar Festival at The Public Theater this January.

10.1.2018 Sam’s promotional graphics for Night Vale Presents’ newest podcast, “Dreamboy” are out this month.

8.10.2018 Sam performs in Jake Brasch’s “The Brine” at Dixon Place.

June 2018 Sam signs with Manager Tracy Kopulsky at MXN Entertainment, Los Angeles.